13-year-old arrested after threatening to shoot at Clay County School


Pensacola, Fl

 A 13-year-old student was arrested and accused of threatening to attack Clay County School.

Michelle Cook, the mayor of Clay County, said the 13-year-old was arrested after he threatened to commit a shooting at Lake Asbury High School.

A schoolgirl told a teacher that she was using the House Party app when she heard the student was making a threat, Cook said.

According to the student, the boy had a “Colt rifle” in his hands during a chat on the video app and threatened to shoot at the school, Cook said.

The student told a teacher and law enforcement officers got involved and found the threat credible.

The clay County attorney interviewed the student and allegedly confessed to the threat and possession of a rifle and ammunition.

The boy said that his grandfather’s firearm and took it out of a locker in his grandfather’s house, Cook said.

It appears the grandparents were not aware of this, Cook said, and he learned to collect in the safe and were able to reach the safe and recover the weapon.


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