A Dallas man kills his wife and two children “for being so loud”


Pensacola, Fl

A Dallas man is accused of killing his wife and two children after they were shot Monday morning due to their high volume, according to a report.

Fox4News.com, citing an affidavit of arrest, reported that James Webb, 57, got into an argument with his wife over a headache. The affidavit stated that he was “tired of the three victims screaming, and they told him that there was nothing wrong with him, so he shot them.”

Police said Dallas police officers found the bodies of three people in an apartment after a man called an alarm company and said he had killed his wife and two children.

Vice President Robin Ramirez said officers who arrived at the scene detained Webb. He was held in Dallas County Jail for premeditated murder pending his appearance before a judge. The list of public records has no attorney.

Chanel Lockhart, who lives across the hall, told the station the last time she saw Webb’s wife, “She was taking the groceries out of the car and the kids were helping her. She would never think he would. She had a heart. She was so kind to everyone.”


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