Maine man was sentenced to murder his sister’s friend


Pensacola, Fl

A Portland man is to be sentenced to shoot his sister’s friend during a family quarrel for manslaughter.

Mark Cardelli Jr. testified that he shot Isaac Musa in defense of himself and his home during a violent confrontation on early March 16, 2019. He told police that he had shot Musa in the chest, but an autopsy showed that Musa was hit in the back.

The shooting caused tension in the city’s Muslim community. Some have described it as a hate crime by a white man against a black Muslim man.

Witnesses said the confrontation occurred when Musa, 22, who was dating Cardelli’s 17-year-old sister, refused to leave the Portland home at her parents’ request. Bedlam erupted, and Cardelli ran to his room to retrieve a pistol, according to testimony.

Cardelli testified that he shot Musa after he was punched in the face in fear that Musa, who was unarmed, would control the weapon.


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