A driver accused in a violent accident that killed two boys, 7 and 10, in Juniata


Pensacola, Fl

Police said two children, ages 7 and 10, were killed in a car accident overnight in the Juniata neighborhood of Philadelphia.

It happened just before 1am on Hunting Park Avenue near Kensington Street.

Officials said a family was heading east on Hunting Park Avenue when two men collided with them in a BMW on Kensington Street.

According to authorities, the impact of the accident prompted the family’s Toyota Corolla to veer off the street and the boys were thrown out of the car.

A woman who lives at the intersection told Action News that she heard the accident and went out to help the mother.

“She was in the car, got out and we tried to help her, but she said my children threw herself forward, and she passed out,” said Shirley Davila, from Juniata.

A neighbor’s surveillance camera captured the scene while paramedics arrived at the scene and took the family members to the hospital.

Police said the father had injuries to the face in the accident. Officials said he refused treatment at the scene of the accident to accompany his children to the hospital. The boys were taken to St. Christopher’s Hospital, where they were pronounced dead.

The mother was transferred to the Albert Einstein Medical Center, where her condition is stable. Officials said she suffered a fractured spine in the accident.

The neighbors can be seen placing candles and hanging a teddy bear at the scene. They said the family lived in the neighborhood. They also told Action News that speedy drivers are a frequent problem in the area.

Michael Ball said, “We see him every day leading people across this pole because they want to beat the light here just to reach another red light.”

Residents said they wanted the city to set up speed bumps and red light cameras.

Reginald Glover said: “The accidents that we’ve seen here, they’re ridiculous. They don’t make any sense. It’s people’s lives and these people are trying to race for these lights. Put some speed bumps there.”

Davila said, “Two children died. Now will you participate? Now you will give us what we need if you don’t want your next children to be.”

Police said the driver of the striking car turned and tried to set off, but stopped the car about 50 feet and then jumped with the passenger and fled.

Investigators said the husband was arrested about a mile away on Frankford Street and Unity Street.

Officials said the driver was charged with several counts, including murder, car murder, driving without a license, tampering with evidence, and obstruction of justice.


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