A boy, 8, is among 4 shots in Zion


Pensacola, Fl

 Four people were killed, including an eight-year-old child, in the northern suburb of Zion.

Zion Police said that two people in a dark-colored SUV shot a group of adults shortly before 1 a.m. outside a house on 2300 Juba Street. One of the bullets flew into the boy’s bedroom, hitting him in the hand.

Police said the boy’s family took him to Vista East Medical Center in Waukgan. He has since been treated and released.

Police said two 28-year-old men were shot in the stomachs. Paramedics brought them to the Condel Medical Center in Libertyville, where they were in “critical but stable” condition.

Police said a third man, aged 38, had been brought by a friend to Vista Medical Center. He was shot in the shoulder and leg, and was also discharged from the hospital.

Police said officers found 27 complete shell casings and two pistols at the scene.

The shooting is still under investigation.


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