How to organize a wedding


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Explaining the basic points and the basic points for organizing a successful wedding on the day of joy is the most important occasion that needs a lot of planning and the need to preserve the smallest details, in order to obtain the desired happiness in return. I have written several books on the importance of planning to have the day of joy that every girl dreams of, and I have mentioned many points that must be taken into account in planning this great day. We will present these points briefly, knowing that if you are planning / planning for the first time for this occasion, do not underestimate / underestimate the number of details and dates that must be taken into account in the important planning stage.

1. Despite the difficulty of accepting this reality, the day of joy is the most important and largest day of celebration in a person’s life, and it is a word that many people may not accept but is part of reality. Therefore, you have to accept this reality and go towards planning a presentation that will be more important to the presence of the female component. For men, whether fathers, brothers or uncles, this occasion does not exceed a social occasion. So, you should plan the day of joy in a manner that attracts the attention of the attendees and the invitees. If you succeed in presenting an interesting and beautiful presentation to the women present, you will guarantee the success of your day of joy.

2. You cannot guarantee / imply the success of the day of joy compared to the amount of money that will be paid to prepare for this joy. This is not the appropriate measure. Many weddings have failed, knowing that fantastic sums have been spent on them. And at the same time to prepare for a successful day of joy, you will need / you need a good budget commensurate with the elements of the success of joy. There is nothing wrong with making some contribution from the bride’s family to reduce the size of the financial obligations of the newlyweds for this important occasion if necessary.

3. There are no guarantees for the success of the Joy Day, but it is certain that the lack of planning will guarantee the failure of the occasion. Therefore, the importance of planning appears. Put / make a plan for this important day and make / make it accurate to include all the details and for this plan to be organized and written within a scheduled time plan.

4. The time factor is very necessary. The more time available to you is sufficient to prepare for the day of joy, the more room there will be for viewing and discussing all available options, and also whenever there is room for further negotiation necessary with the vendors to obtain what suits you at the appropriate prices.

5. When choosing the date of the joy, several things must be taken into account, the most important of which are: – The appropriate weather conditions – Knowing the nature of the dates of important people to attend the ceremony, and the extent to which the proposed date is suitable with all of them to ensure that everyone is able to attend. Knowing if there is a huge event that might happen in your town at the proposed date that would delay or affect your arrangements for this day. Knowing if the proposed date is a date that may coincide with any occasion that would affect the nature of transportation such as air traffic or traffic crisis, as this must be taken into account in the presence of invitees from outside the area where the joy will take place.

6. If the number of guests coming from different cities to attend the wedding ceremony is rather large, it is preferable to coordinate with a local hotel to obtain the necessary number of rooms required and at a suitable price at the wedding date and to coordinate with the invitees immediately within the dates appropriate for them.

7. Make sure / make sure that all the services required for the wedding are secured in writing and within contracts, for the band, the DJ, the flower coordinators, the caterers for the party and the sweets shop, and make sure that all the required services are included in these contracts And the data agreed upon so that there is no room for change or difference later.

8. Photography of the wedding: When agreeing with the photographer for the ceremony, it is necessary to draw his attention to the need to take a sufficient number of pictures, and it is necessary to focus on the nature of these required pictures. The increase in the number of photographers will not be necessary in order for there to be some kind of confusion. But the most important part is setting up a written schedule of the most important pictures that must be taken by indicating the locations of the filming and their dates for the time of the ceremony. And at the same time, determine in advance that a group of pictures will be for the newlyweds with family and friends, and also specify the places where the pictures will be taken so that time is not wasted in determining the


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