A pedestrian was shot dead for crossing the street very slowly


Pensacola, Fl

An Alabama man was shot dead apparently because he was walking very slowly, according to local reports.

The Johnarian Travez Allen was shot eight times in Union Springs, a small town about 45 miles from Montgomery.

Jeremiah Wesley Ben claimed to have shot Allen because the 29-year-old was taking too long to cross the street, according to Union Springs Police Chief Danny Jackson.

Ben is being held on premeditated murder at Bullock County Jail.

Ben supposedly went to a food store. On his way, he stopped to allow Allen to cross the street, at which point Ben felt Allen was taking too long.

Then authorities believe it was when Ben got out of his car and had an altercation with Allen, ABC 3340 reported. Shortly thereafter, Ben shot Allen multiple times.

Alan’s death was announced at the scene.

The police responded to the call, and reached the gas station where Allen was shot, but Ben had already fled the scene. Later he turned himself in to a deputy mayor he knew.


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