Two men were killed and an officer was hospitalized in a crash


Pensacola, Fl

 Police said two men were killed late Friday night when their pickup truck drove past a Palatka police cruiser in USA 17 in Putnam County and was injured.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the officer was heading east on Reed Street (US 17) around 10:40 PM. When the pickup truck failed to exit at the intersection of South 14th Street.

The front of the patrol car crashes into the driver’s side of the truck, and the collision overturns the truck. The soldiers said the patrol car continued to roll after the accident and ended up colliding with a nearby payroll depot.

The accident happened just blocks from the Palatka police headquarters. On Reed Street.

The 56-year-old truck driver and 47-year-old passenger were killed in the accident. According to an FHP report, neither of them was wearing a seat belt. A 19-year-old passenger was seriously injured and taken to hospital.

According to the soldiers, the 31-year-old officer was hospitalized with serious injuries. The FHP report indicates that the officer was not wearing a seat belt.


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