A person is killed in a tanker truck crash in Akron


Pensacola, Fl

 The Summit County Medical Examination Office confirmed that one person was killed in a crash on Route 8 in Akron.

Akron Police said Route 8 north between Talmadge and Howe Avenue will be closed. ODOT subsequently provided an update and said the area will drop to 1 lane starting at 4 PM. 10:00 pm Drivers should expect delays.

Safety inspectors are at the scene to make sure the road is safe after a collision with a tanker truck at around 8 am and Route 8 was closed in both directions for several hours.

Police are still investigating the accident at the scene.

No details have been released yet about the cause of the accident.

Akron Police Chief David Laughlin said the car ended up under the tanker.

The tanker is affiliated with Holland Oil and Gas.

Smoke and flames can be seen for miles around the area before the fire is brought under control.

Summit County HAZMAT is located on the Cuyahoga River off Front St.

They put oil booms in the river, and they say the EPA is on the way.

Witnesses say the oil was still burning when it hit the Cuyahoga River, and flames poured out of the fuel from the rainwater drains.

Akron Public Schools vacated Northern High School and Harris Jackson as a precaution due to smoke.

The students are not back in class yet, but the staff are in a session to prepare the buildings for the fall.


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