A Bakersfield man is killed in the shooting of an officer implicated in Nipomo


Pensacola, Florida

The man killed in the shooting of an officer involved Friday in Nipomo has been identified as a Bakersfield resident.

San Luis Obispo County Mayor’s Office said 42-year-old Scott Hoffman opened fire at the Vons gas station on Tefft Street after two employees inside the station locked the front doors upon seeing Hoffman get out of his car with a pistol.

Management said Hoffman shot the doors after he was unable to enter. Then he moved away from the station and started shooting at people and vehicles passing in the area.

At one point, the sheriff’s office said that Hoffman had collided with a Calfire engine as well as a Pacific Gas & Electric power column, causing a small fire. The ministry said that no one was seriously injured.

The sheriff’s office said Hoffman then returned to the petrol station and gained entry due to damage to the front doors. After the center was shot for the first time, the employees inside holed up in a back room, according to management.

The sheriff’s office said Hoffman fired several shots at the store after entering the store.

Around this time, the administration said House of Representatives and California Highway Patrol officers had arrived at the scene. The sheriff’s office said the shootout occurred after Hoffman refused orders from law enforcement, resulting in his death.

The ministry said law enforcement authorities fired about five shots during the incident.

The sheriff’s office said the motive behind Hoffman’s actions remains unclear. However, the ministry said there were indications that Hoffman may have been suffering from mental health problems. According to management, Hoffman had no previous criminal history.


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