A New Jersey employee was killed by a stray bullet


Pensacola, Fl

 A New Jersey employee is shot dead in front of her home in Trenton, New Jersey.

Officials said Vernetta McCray was shot dead outside her home in Building 100 on Hampton Avenue.

McCray, 39, was a longtime child and family department employee.

“Something like this should never happen,” said Tawana Simmons, McCray’s aunt. “This is a meaningless act of violence and the violence must stop.” “There are many things happening in the world today and that is the last thing we need to see.”

Family members said that McCray was working on her front porch when the blue shots came out.

A spokesman for the Mercer County District Attorney’s Office said Trenton Police responded to the 300-block district after receiving a Shot Spotter activation of more than 20 rounds fired.

Simmons said, “Vernetta was amazing, she was very serious about thinking, but she also dedicated herself to making her job and the things she does better.”

McCray was rushed to hospital in critical condition, but she did not survive.

Her family members added, “We were very touched by everyone who came today, and they stayed with us for hours while they waited to hear what was happening.”

Governor Phil Murphy, who issued a statement on the shooting, described it as an indiscriminate act of gun violence.

McCray praised more than a decade of commitment to the state’s Ministry of Children and Families.

“This tragedy is yet another reminder of the toll that foolish gun violence is inflicting on our societies,” Murphy said. “Our prayers are with Vernetta and her family and loved ones at this difficult time.”

The family hopes that those responsible will be brought to justice.

“We lost a beautiful soul today,” said Simmons. “It will never be forgotten.”

The family told Action News, that in her last act of giving would be to donate her organs, which is further evidence of her willingness to return the favor and serve the community.


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