A man and woman killed in a shooting from a speeding car in Hollywood


Pensacola, Fl

Police are looking for the people responsible for the shooting from a passing car in a Hollywood neighborhood, witnesses said, behind the killing of a man and a woman.

Hollywood Police and fire rescue units responded to reports of shootings along Fletcher Court, near South 26th Street, at around 1:30 pm.

Neighbors said that someone drove his car down the street and fired several bullets in broad daylight.

“It’s really scary,” said Elizabeth Rowley, a resident of the area. “This is the first time that something has happened on this street.”

Rowley, who lives only a few homes away from the shooting site, said she was still in shock.

“I just heard some shots when I was home, and when I came to the door, I saw the guy running across there, and he said,” Oh, my God, someone was shot! “

Medics identified both victims who had been shot.

“Hollywood Fire Rescue managed to transfer the two victims to Memorial Regional Hospital, where unfortunately they were pronounced dead due to their injuries,” said Christian Lata, a Hollywood police officer.

The victim’s family said he left behind a fiancée and two children.

Neighbors said the female victim was a single mother who left three children behind.

Investigators spent hours at the scene meeting neighbors and looking for evidence.

The police are now asking the local community to help arrest the official.

“If you see anything, if you hear something, please come forward and inform us,” said Lata.

Investigators have not disclosed any details about a topic or vehicle, as they continue to investigate.


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