MPs shoot and kill a Florida man accused of attacking his brother with a machete


Pensacola, Fl

 Authorities said MPs shot and killed a Florida man armed with a pistol and machete after an accident.

The Highlands County Sheriff’s Office was called to 2639 Hewlett Road at the Avon Park Lakes subdivision shortly before 7 PM.

They said the attacker, Keith Allen Feliger, 34, was using a machete weapon against his brother.

When the deputies arrived, Villiger fled the house. It was found by K9s in a forested area. Representatives said Villiger was carrying a pistol and a machete. He told them that he would not return to prison and raise the firearm.

“Within a very short period of time, the deputies decided that lethal force was justified,” a representative of the agency said.

They shot and shot and killed Villiger. No other injuries were reported.

Authorities say Villeger spent one time in a Florida state prison on burglary charges. Released in March 2010.

The agency did not identify the MPs involved in the shooting, but said they had been granted administrative leave, which is a standard protocol for firing between officers. The investigation is underway.


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