Together for nearly 80 years, these two lovers celebrated their 100th birthday together.


Pensacola, Fl

Billy and Nelly Jones have been married for nearly 80 years, since high school.

“Who is this?” And “Oh that’s Nelly Zeberer, she’s in my class.” Do you want to meet her? “So, he turns the car around and introduces me to Nelly Zebraer. The same girl who was a teen in high school and married and stays with her for 79 years, she just can’t get over that,” said Billy Jones, describing how he met the sweethearts.

The couple was born just days away, so on their 100th birthday, their friends and loved ones threw a social birthday parade at them. Jones was more grateful for the love they showed.

Nelly Jones said, “It is so lovable that someone does all this work for us. I am speechless, too, I am not speechless because they love me, but this person might have all these problems.”

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