The report says a Utah man throws his wife into the river during an argument over dinner


Pensacola, Fl

A Utah man was accused of throwing his wife into a river after he was furious over dinner plans, according to a report.

Douglas Harold Green, a 61-year-old man from Pleasant Grove, allegedly forced his wife on the Provo River on Sunday while the couple were visiting the Provo River Resort, “after she refused to do what he asked,” according to local

“The victim claimed that she and Douglas were arguing over dinner arrangements. Douglas reportedly got angry and threatened to drown her in the river,” according to a police statement obtained by the enforcer.

After being dragged into the river, he allegedly “forced her in” and shouted for witnesses to stay, as stated in the document. Green was accused of aggravated kidnapping while committing unlawful arrest and assault, according to the executor. His wife was reported to have bruises but she was fine.


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