A man was accused of murdering a teenager who was killed in a car theft and another man


Pensacola, Fl

 The Cleveland Police Department reported that a man was accused of two deaths in the area that occurred in May.

Police said Jamal Gaines, 35, is accused of murdering Eric Hakizimana and Curtis League.

Police were called to 8050 Detroit Street after it was reported that a young man was shot on May 25 around 9:55 PM. Eric Hakizimana, 17, was discovered in the middle of the street with a gunshot wound. Although he was transferred to MetroHealth Medical Center, it was later declared dead.

Police stated that Hakizimana was leaving soccer training driving in his car when he was kidnapped, shot and left to die. Just before the car was kidnapped, the suspect shot Curtis League at 1400 Block of West 85th Street as he was trying to flee the scene, police said. Legg also died at Metro Health Medical Center.

Police said Gaines’ arrest was not related to advice.

The FBI and the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner Bureau were also involved in the murder investigation.


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