4 cousins ​​killed at Michigan State home, suspect is a former fiance after being accused of domestic abuse

Sarah and Laura Tanner and their cousins, brothers Forrest and Neil Sampson https://www.facebook.com/joanne.lanagan.1/posts/10158330100068801 https://www.gofundme.com/f/x44udk-funeral-expense?utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR1Rz8obXCb9ymQVDYnY4Gl5obB0__RZ7tIuBgaoOLQLXqAA9BOg9jJClaQ Credit: Facebook

Pensacola, Fl

A Michigan man accused of assaulting his ex-fiancée is now accused of shooting her and her family inside the woman’s home.

Sumpter Township Police responded to a 911 call that reported a two-person quarrel. On their arrival, officers found four of their cousins ​​- Sarah Tanner, Laura Tanner, Forrest Sampson and Neil Sampson – dead, according to a police press release.

They were all shot. Authorities then launched a hunt for 37-year-old Laura’s ex-fiancé Raymond Bailey.

“There was a period of about 24 hours in which we didn’t know what happened to him and where he was,” said Eric Locke, Sombre Town Police Chief.

The next day, Bailey turned himself in about 120 miles from the crime scene. According to the police, he allegedly confessed to his family and friends over the phone and through text messages.

The 37-year-old remains in police custody pending formal charges, and families of the victims are preparing to give them relief.

“Our family is reeling from the foolish and tragic murders of sisters Laura and Sarah Tanner, and brothers Neal and Forrest Sampson,” wrote a relative on a GoFundMe page created to help raise funds for funeral expenses. “These siblings / cousins ​​/ mothers and fathers / daughters and sons put the family first, and now our family desperately needs your help to raise funeral expenses quickly.”

The families of the victims believe that their deaths were the result of domestic violence.

Laura and Bailey had a strained relationship. Last fall, Bailey was charged with assault with intent to cause significant bodily harm, as well as a misdemeanor domestic violence in the past. However, the charges were dropped when Laura did not attend a court hearing.

It is unclear if Bailey has a lawyer to comment on his behalf.


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