19-year-old victim identified after a shooting in Northeast Miami Dade


Pensacola, Fl

Police have identified the man who, they said, was behind a fatal shooting in northwestern Miami-Dade.

Robert Caleb, 32, is facing first-degree murder charges less than 24 hours after 19-year-old Geoffrey Domersan was shot and killed.

Domersan family members shared photos of him and spoke to 7News about the tragic event.

“He didn’t deserve to die, but he is gone. Yesterday at this time, he was alive,” said Miralda Giles, Domersan’s cousin. “He was a small cousin, he was like my child. I loved him.”

“Wonderful, nobody can expect that,” said Pierre Charles, Domersanne’s cousin. “It made me so sad that he was gone so soon.”

The shooting broke out in the County Line Plaza shopping center, located at 215th Street and Northeast 10 Avenue, shortly after 4 PM, Monday.

According to the shipping documents, Caleb was driving towards 11/7 in the area, and heard the engine’s spin speed and saw a car speeding towards it. He said it almost hit him.

He confessed to the investigators that upon arriving at the shopping plaza, he saw the same car and went to confront the driver, who was later identified as Domersan.

Hajjah turned into a battle that was apparently won by Domersan.

Caleb told the police that he knew Domersan was defenseless, but he grabbed a semi-automatic pistol from his bag and began shooting the 19-year-old until he ran out of bullets.

Another man intervened and shot himself in the foot while the 32-year-old was running away.

Police said Caleb refused to stop, as he proceeded to reload the gun. Allegedly, he found Dumirsan stumbling, trying to escape, before finally falling off.

Caleb told the investigators that Domersan was begging for his life, and he replied, “How about when I was the one asking you to stop.” Then the 19-year-old was shot again.

Caleb first appeared in court on Tuesday afternoon, when he was told that he would remain in prison without bail until the next court date.

Paramedics took Domersan to Aventura Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

A father and 9-year-old son in the area managed to escape the dangerous chain of events.

The father said they were coming to get fuel, but he smashed his car in an attempt to avoid the bullets that were on their way.

“When the bullet hit the car, all I heard was my son screaming like I had never heard before, man. The father said: The worst feeling in my life, man.

The father and son managed to escape with only bruises and bruises.

The Domersan family members are now left to mourn the loss of their loved ones.

Charles said, “We just have to stay strong, and God will give us the strength we need to move forward.” “It’s too much. It’s way too much. Time and time again we have the same sad ending, and we’re basically looking at it, and families get shot at because of that.”

“The shooting from the gun, it has to stop because we suffer from it.” Giles said, “We are losing our children at the age of 19. No, it’s not fair.”…


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