Ohio man kills wife, 3 children, dog


Pensacola, Fl

Five bodies in a family home in Illyria, Ohio.

Officials said they believed 44-year-old John Nelson had shot and killed his wife and three children before he could aim the gun at himself and die by suicide.

The children were 12, 10 and 6 years old.

The family dog ​​was also found dead in the building.

Renita Hubbard, a neighbor of the family, said she heard what seemed to be fireworks going off Tuesday night.

She told Cleveland-based WEWS-TV that she has been living in the neighborhood for 28 years and wishes she had called the police as soon as she heard the voices.

“As I tell everyone, I am the curious neighbor who watches everything, but I haven’t seen this.” Hubbard said Wednesday “If I had known, you know, I would have called yesterday.

Law enforcement was first alerted to something wrong after Nelson did not show up for work Wednesday morning. A co-worker went home to check on Nelson, and the colleague discovered shell casings near the front door. Call the police.

Officials said they had no motive yet, and an investigation was ongoing.

They were an exemplary family. “They kept the three kids busy,” said a family member.

. They played baseball, volleyball, football, and ballet. There were two boys and a girl, the wife was a nurse, he worked on the road in a plastic bag factory, and he lived here all his life. “

A family member, known as Ben Runyon, reported that the family was confused, WOIO reported.

He said, “I know they were trying to get out of this neighborhood and move to the country somewhere, and he just wanted to keep busy with the kids and keep them out of trouble.” “So none of this makes sense. We just lost.”

According to the news station, a neighbor said she had seen the couple arguing outside recently but hadn’t thought of anything.


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