A woman shot with a BB pistol to remove the Trump sign in the wrong yard


Pensacola, Fl

A North Carolina woman was shot with a BB pistol due to a misunderstanding, and the pellets are still lodged in her arm.

Peggy Fox told WSOC-TV that she saw a political sign in what she believed to be her brother’s front yard. When she went to remove it, his 76-year-old neighbor shot her with an air pistol, hitting her near her elbow.

Fox said she believes the sign was placed in the yard by a prankster, because her brother never talks about politics. Moreover, the sign was placed near her brother’s front door of the neighbor’s house, and the exact property lines were blurred by her.

Fox did not take a few steps before feeling the “excruciating pain” of the pimples.

She said, “I looked up, and heard this master shouting at me.”

The neighbor, Worth McAllister, said he shouted at Fox to stop before he opened fire. Fox said she didn’t hear him say anything.

When Fox confronted McAllister, he encouraged her to call the police.

“You cannot shoot people on your property,” she told the news station. “He actually thought he could shoot me if I was on his property, which was terrifying to me.”

McAllister, who said he bought the BB pistol to scare away stray cats on his property, is now facing a misdemeanor assault charge.

“You are defending your property and you end up filing the charges,” he said in response to the charges.

Fox said she had no problem with the sign itself, she just wouldn’t have wanted her on her brother’s property if it weren’t for him. She said she would have returned it if McAllister had just shown her it was his property.

“I think this speaks to the political divisions, which is really sad,” Fox said. “I just hope people talk.”

McAllister said he had intended to hit Fox in the ass.

He is also considering filing charges against Fox for attempted theft, but he has to wait for the assault charge to be dealt with. His trial is set for November.


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