16-year-old human trafficking victim found in a locked-wire barbed-wire shelter in Michigan


Pensacola, Fl

A 16-year-old girl was discovered locked in a barbed wire shed by investigators during a district-wide campaign to locate 27 children considered at risk and “off the grid.”

Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson said her 21-year-old boyfriend is in the teenage business.

“Her parents were terrified,” Swanson said. “Something led to something else. We found her place: She was locked in a barbed wire fence on top. She was trafficked. She was taken out of the district.”

The friend was arrested,

Officials said he was one of 17 people arrested in five other operations the agency has carried out since March to stem human trafficking.

In the latest operation, lawmakers extended to the county to conduct welfare checks to find 27 children that schools and courts deemed at risk.

Victims are often lured into being trafficked unintentionally.

“So, it’s a promise of something better. If someone is looking for love, they promise love. If someone is looking for shelter, they promise them shelter. Whatever the case, they look after them,” said Swanson. Like these, or it could happen on the side of the road. So, this is the sign you should see. Who is missing and who provides? And once they lock in, they become property; And they become so possessive that they see them as possessions, and they can kill them in one minute. “


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