Nazi sympathizer shoots a woman trying to steal his flag


Pensacola, Fl

AR-15 carrying an Oklahoma man who shot an unarmed woman running away with a swastika flag was released on bail after claiming self-defense.

Alexander Pfister’s attorneys successfully argued Wednesday that their client’s $ 500,000 bond was overrated, according to Oklahoma’s Enid News & Eagle. The judge agreed, reduced the 44-year-old shooter’s bail to $ 75,000, and allowed him to live with his mother until his trial began.

Pfister, an Air Force veteran, was accused of shooting Kendall McVeigh multiple times after she allegedly removed the Nazi flag from his home and attempted to escape to a house across the street where she was attending a party. McVeigh survived her injuries.

The Norman Transcript reported that Pfister’s writings on the habeas corpus claim that he is a “nonviolent” patriot “who does not describe all the pillars of National Socialism.”

It was thought McVeigh or one of her party friends shot, too. He estimated that there were up to 30 people in that gathering and some of them are believed to be armed.

Mr. Pfister’s legal team alleged that Pfister was isolated and lonely, fearing for his life. “He acted in self-defense.”

According to Pfister’s attorney, he fired four warning shots in the air, then roughly the same number fired at McVeigh. Although McCaffrey was not charged with a criminal offense, Pfister’s team charged her with assault, theft, hate crimes, and violations of Oklahoma’s counterterrorism law.

The Smoking Gun reported that police believed Pfister, who had allegedly stolen flags from his property in the past, was waiting for McVeigh.

The unemployed oil field worker has reportedly spent a decade in the military and served in Afghanistan and Iraq. He was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon as well as shooting with intent to kill.


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