1 dead after shooting on Crescent Drive, in the province of Escambia


Pensacola, Fl

The Escampia County Mayor’s Office is investigating a fatal shooting incident.

The sheriff’s office says they received a call about shooting shortly after 5 pm.

When the deputies reached the 300 block of Crescent Street, they found a dead person.

MPs say the victim is a black man. The ban on his name has not been lifted yet.

On-site crime scene investigators are still gathering evidence, including a search of a maroon vehicle.

“You have to turn yourself in, whatever … you can escape, but you can’t hide,” said one family member.

The third news channel witnessed the arrival of an assistant to the attorney general at the scene shortly after 6 pm.

A crowd gathered at the scene. Channel Three crews heard screaming and crying from nearby.

More people stood outside the crime scene tape. Channel 3 crews attempted to talk to them to ask what had happened, but no one was able to determine what was happening or what had happened prior to the shooting.

There is no information on suspects or suspicious descriptions at this time.

The investigation is underway.


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