A 38-year-old, 14-year-old man is found dead after his potential drowning ” in a Georgia camp


Pensacola, Fl

Authorities reported that a trip to a camp in Georgia took a tragic turn for two people after a “potential drowning” that resulted in their deaths.

The Newton County Sheriff’s Office in Covington confirmed in a press release that the body of Antonio Perry, 38, was found and recovered, while the body of Degeren Greer, 14, was found.

Officials said the accident happened at Factory Shoals Park in Covington after Perry and Greer drowned and did not appear again.

At about 7 pm, the authorities were called to the scene, where they began searching for the missing husband, who they believed were victims of a “potential drowning”.

The search effort continued until the lighting conditions became very poor for vision, but the authorities resumed the search and later pulled Perry’s body out of the water.

The Newton County sheriff’s office announced that they should cancel the search for the teen again, citing “weather conditions,” but assured that they would continue their efforts.

  Officials announced that they had found Grier’s body in the water and had ended their search in the nature park.

In an interview with NBC’s WXIA, Berry’s daughter Najwa explained that the accident happened when her father was fishing with his girlfriend’s son.

According to Najwa, Jarir went swimming. While in the water, the teenager began to struggle, so Berry jumped in and saved him. But soon after, the teenager jumped up again. Although Berry tried to save him, this time he was unsuccessful.

“They didn’t turn up the second time. Something kept pulling them,” Najwa told WXIA, indicating that Perry was a good swimmer. “My father was just trying to save him.”

Factory Shoals Park is located along the Alcovy River in southern Newton County and is described as a “haven” for hunters, nature lovers, rafters and swimmers, according to the county website.


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