The mother of a child in Florida was shot dead during a zoom online class


Pensacola, Fl

Police said a Florida elementary school student was on Zoom on her first day of school when she shot and killed her mother during class online.

The shooting occurred at a house in Indiantown, about 30 miles southwest of Port St. Lucie, just after 8 a.m. The suspect, Donald J. Martin County Sheriff William Snyder said other offenses were criminal.

Six children were at home at the time of the shooting, including a 10-year-old girl who was attending an online class at Warfield Elementary School. Many schools across the country have chosen online lessons due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Snyder told a news conference that the girl’s teacher had seen the child reacting to the shooting.

Online tutor – I haven’t zoomed in with the kids, so I imagine there are other kids – and the teacher can see the kids. The teacher said that she heard a noise and heard bad words. “I realized there was some kind of local quarrel. He could still see the child connected to the Internet.

Snyder added, “After the little girl raised her hands almost to her ears, the computer screen became blank. We know that the computer was hit by a shell.”

A spokesman for Martin County School District: “Our deepest condolences and condolences to the family and children who witnessed this tragic and corrupt tragedy.”

Grief counselors will be available to students and staff who need them.

“The incident is still under active investigation by law enforcement authorities, and we will continue to respect the privacy of the teacher and our students,” the district said.

police said investigators believed there was a rift between Williams and the girl’s mother, Maribel Rosado Morales. The husband was previously dated.

police said, “He came in and confronted her with something related to a video clip.” “And then we learned later that there was a conversation about Facebook. He said she was already smiling at him and getting angry and he shot her.”

police said Rosado Morales, 32, was hit by several bullets and died in hospital. None of the children – four of them children of Rosado Morales and two of his cousins ​​- were injured. They ranged in age from 10 to 17 and none of the children were related to Williams.

police said that he believed most of the children witnessed the shooting.

After the accident, Williams ran away from the house but was later arrested after the bus driver suspected and called 911. Sheriff said that Williams was trying to go somewhere the bus had not traveled.

Snyder said that a pistol was found in a bag on the bus and that Williams, 27, “made a full confession.” It is not clear if he has obtained a lawyer.

police said that the officers were at home last year due to previous incidents of domestic violence, but based on their records it did not appear to be a “persistent problem.


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