A woman from Greenacres, 61, shot a woman outside Publix, threatening another with a gun


Pensacola, Fl

A 61-year-old Greenacres woman faces attempted murder charges after she allegedly shot another woman in the foot outside a grocery store.

Authorities say Renata Gloria Rai took out a gun on two separate occasions at Lantana Plaza shopping center and threatened a younger woman the first time, then shot another woman who started taking pictures of Ray facing her.

The Palm Beach County Mayor’s Office said that Ray, who is also facing a severe assault charge with a firearm, was taken into custody minutes after leaving the car.

She told the authorities that she acted in self-defense, but investigators found no evidence that she had been attacked. On Monday, a judge set bail of $ 350,000, and she remained in Palm Beach County Jail

According to the arrest report, the shooting took place around 2:30 p.m. in the square, on Jog and Lantana Road. Ray was walking out of the Publix supermarket with groceries. She told a woman and younger man near the exit to get out of her way.

The younger woman told Ray that they did not have to move and the two began to quarrel, at one point they were “in each other’s faces,” according to the arrest report. Passers-by separated them. Ray was alleged to have taken out a gun and threatened the young woman.

The arrest report said another woman left Publix and started walking towards another store in the square. Ray reportedly shouted at the other woman, and asked, “What are you looking at?”

The report said the other woman started taking pictures of Ray with her cell phone. Ray was alleged to have taken out her rifle again, which was put back on her waistband, and shot the woman in the foot. The victim was taken to hospital. The report said that she took a short video of the shooting.

Authorities say Ray left in a red Volvo, but was found within minutes and stopped in the lanes of Pine Glen and Melaleuca. After her detention, the report said, Rai spontaneously said that she acted in self-defense when someone shot her. However, investigators say there is no evidence that anyone else involved in the accident was armed.

Ray sustained a minor injury while in custody. She was treated in the hospital, then released to prison officials.

Ray had no previous arrests in Palm Beach County, and the arrest report did not say whether she had permission to carry the gun. The Palm Beach County Public Defense Office represented her at the bail hearing .

PBSO has not disclosed the name of the victim, which based its right to privacy under a Florida constitutional amendment approved in November 2018 and modeled on the National Marcy Law Victims’ Rights Movement.


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