A St. Louis man charged with murder over a parking dispute


Pensacola, Fl

A St. Louis man has been charged with shooting a neighbor during an altercation over a street parking lot, then attempting to kill the victim’s wife.

Troy Jackson Jr, 28 Years Old. He was charged with premeditated murder, assault and other charges related to the murder of German Hicks on June 16,

Police said Jackson shot Hicks while the two were fighting over a street parking lot in the building where the two men lived. Investigators said that Hicks’ wife was inside their home at the time and watched Jackson shoot her husband and went out to confront Jackson. Police said Jackson escaped afterward but returned home later. He was accused of breaking into the front door and shooting Hicks’ wife inside the house. Police said he made a mistake and used all of his rifle bullets before fleeing.

Jackson is being held without bail.


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