A Publix pharmacist saves the life of a customer who is assaulted with a bottle of champagne, police say


Pensacola, Fl

 Police said a man is facing assault charges after police said he hit a customer in the head with a bottle of champagne at a Publix supermarket in Clemson.

Brandon Christopher O’Donald, 29, of Easley, was arrested on Tuesday and charged with assault, battery, as well as theft, according to a report on the incident.

The report said police were called for the first time to the store at 1390 Tiger Blvd. About a shop robbery.

When the officers got there, the manager told them that he had run into a confrontation with a man, later known as Oudald, as he tried to persuade the man to leave the store.

The manager said O’Donald took a swing with a $ 15.44 Corbel Champagne bottle he was carrying and did not pay for it, according to the report.

O’Donald left the store, and police later found him – and a bottle of champagne – at Foothills Community Care, after number 911 got multiple calls about a man on Highway 123, according to an accident report.

Police said O’Donald was arrested and taken to Clemson City Detention Center.

The report said that when the officers returned to Publix, the manager told them that he had learned that O’Donald was standing behind a man in the store’s pharmacy office before finding the man on the floor.

When officers reviewed the security video taken at the pharmacy, they saw that Odonald hit the man in the head with a bottle of champagne of the same brand and walked away, according to the report.

The report said that the man on the ground did not have a pulse, so the pharmacist immediately administered CPR to him and was able to restore his pulse.

The injured client has not been identified by the police and his case has not been released. Police said EMS had taken him to Okoni Memorial Hospital to receive treatment for a possible heart attack.

The report stated that O’Donald refused to speak to investigators.

Police said O’Donald has been placed on the trespassing notice by Publix.


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