19 years old, arrested in the shooting accident of Annie Nittles


Pensacola, Fl

Pensacola Police Department shot 7-year-old girl Aniah Nittles.

Investigators have arrested 19-year-old Cory Thompson and accused her of gross negligence. A warrant was issued for his arrest

Police said it was the man who was found hiding in an alley moments after the shooting. Nettle was shot dead on her grandmother’s front porch at a B Street home on August 1.

According to a report, a 5-year-old took Thompson’s firearm from the ground while he slept and shot the 7-year-old. The report states that nettle was just one of eight minors who had access to his rifle while she slept.

The nettle was taken to the hospital, but was later pronounced dead.

Mike Wood’s office told Channel 3 that he faces several charges including allowing “a minor child access to a firearm” resulting in the death of nettle.

Officer Wood said, “There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a firearm in the home for protection, but you should keep it in a safe case under the law if there are children around.” “The bullet doesn’t care where it goes or who it hits.”

Officer Wood adds that Thompson was a family friend who visited the house frequently.

Thompson was also accused of unsafe storage of a firearm.


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