The destroyer of the “An Important Black Life” mural died in a car accident


Pensacola, Fl

 Montpellier police said that the man whom the police identified as vandalizing a black Lives Matter wall in front of the state house died in a car accident.

Police said they concluded their investigation of vandalizing the mural that was painted on State Street, smeared with mud, dirt, and oil, and graffiti was sprayed on the nearby sidewalk.

Police said the DNA was collected from red spray paint that can be found in a trash can in the state park. The police also had video surveillance. The Vermont Crime Lab DNA-matched that of Fred Seifei, 56, who police have learned died in a car accident.

Police said Saifi went to a construction area behind the Motor Vehicle Administration building and removed the chemicals and oil he used to smear the mural.

Paulette’s man, accused of driving amid a crowd of demonstrators during a Black Lives Matter rally in Manchester, endangering people, pleaded not guilty of operating the car due to negligence and reckless endangerment.

Authorities say Dustin Tobin, 28, drove into a crowd of kneeling protesters participating in a demonstration for Black Lives Matter at City Square.

No injuries were reported.

The video reportedly showed that Tobin’s truck was passing across the road less than 10 minutes earlier, while the protesters were in the center of the island. Eyewitnesses reported that he made a lewd nod from the window. Tobin called the police to report that a protester had thrown water on his car, according to Manchester Police officer Ryan Mattison.

Tobin told the police that he was not a racist and was just trying to cross the intersection. He said he made a blunt hand gesture in response to a comment from one of the protesters. Tobin, who works as his attorney, pleaded not guilty



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