Ohio sisters, 14 and 12, was killed in a hammock collapse


Pensacola, Fl

Two young Ohio sisters, whom family members say they have an incredibly close bond, are killed after a brick pillar carrying their hammock collapses.

NBC affiliate WKYC reported that Scout, 14, and Chasey Scaravilli, 12, were remembered at the Celebration of Life, roughly one week after the tragic accident happened at their home in Cleveland Heights.

“I got a lot of love from them and kissed them because of a mistake.” Father JJ Scaravelli told the enforcer, “They will be with me forever.”

The scouts and Chase were lying on a hammock that was tied to a tree and a brick pillar when the column collapsed at about 7:45 pm. , Fox affiliate WJW reported.

They were released from under the bricks and taken to a local hospital, but they died several hours later, according to Cleveland Heights Police, which did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

“I don’t blame anyone, I don’t blame myself, I don’t blame these girls,” JG Scaravelli told WKYC. “I looked at it 100 times. I never thought a pillar of brick would come down like this – it never was on my mind.”

Scout was a rising student in the ninth grade, while Chase was in the seventh grade, according to Hathaway Brown, the private girls’ school she attended in Shaker Heights.

“The entire HB community is mourned by the loss of the Scaravilli sisters; many friends, classmates and teachers will miss them. School Principal Fran Bissell said in a statement that our thoughts and prayers are dedicated to their families.

In their shared obituary, family members remembered the girls for their tight bond and the different – but equal – personalities.

Heidi’s mom described Scouts as “unselfish” and like Chasey’s second mother, was a “quick-witted firecracker”.

“[Scouts] always saw the best in everyone and gave us encouragement. Her parents said, ‘She was the one who brought us all together.’

Meanwhile, Chase had “smart boldness”, “creative and charming spirit” and “a talent for getting what you want.”

“Was charming. It was sweet. They were strong. Dad J. said.

In addition to their parents, the sisters leave behind two younger twin sisters, Coco and Cassidy.


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