A man raped and killed his childhood friend after offering to walk her home


Pensacola, Fl

A man has been sentenced to life in prison for the rape and murder of his girlfriend while returning home after her birthday celebrations.

Judge described Wesley Street as a “truly evil killer” after the murder of 20-year-old Kelly Bunker

Her uncle Jason Brown found her body lying face down in a park while trying to search in Tamworth, a market town in West Central England.

The judge told the court that the court had been told that he was “trusted” to walk Kelly to his home, but on the way back he convinced her to stop at the rugby club, “perhaps on the pretext of going smoking.”

Before leaving the nightclub the night she was killed, the court was told that Kelly turned down the opportunity to sleep at a friend’s house and told her, “I have Wes, and Wes will come back to me, it will be fine.

Streete was told that he must serve at least 29 years behind bars.

The judge said, “What happened at Wigginton Park is that you proceeded to rape Keeley Bunker, killing her by strangling her, most likely by putting her in a suffocation grip for a sufficient period of time to kill her.”

Stafford Crown Court heard how a former warehouse worker tried to cover up his crimes by repeatedly lying about what happened and changing his narrative to fit the evidence.

At one point, he claimed that he had accidentally killed Kelly while having sex.

The judge said, “I realize that no sentence imposed on premeditated murder will calm the feelings of devastation, grief and loss suffered by the Kelly Pinker family and those who loved it.

“Obviously, she was not only loved by many, but Kelly was one of the most kind and caring individuals. Moreover, she not only missed the opportunity to fulfill her ambition in life, and to help educate young children and her family they lost the company of their beloved daughter, their sister and their niece.”

After the verdict, Kelly’s mother, Debbie Watkins, said she had “stolen” her “precious and beautiful” daughter.

“I welcome the outcome of this week’s conviction and the ruling issued today, and I hope it brings some relief to Kelly’s friends and family,” said Det Insp, Sherrill Hanan, the chief investigator in the case.

“This elusive and manipulative character, the one who repeatedly lied and targeted young women, is now behind bars and I am grateful to everyone who helped us come to this conclusion.


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