Texas. mother was fatally shot while storming the house of her husband and children


Pensacola, Fl

A Texas mother was killed by a fatal bullet during a house raid when a group of armed teens stormed her family’s home.

Three teenagers, Jose Lopez, 17, Ken Lopez, 17, and a 16-year-old man have been charged in connection with the early morning murder of 40-year-old Margarita Villalon.

Jose Lopez faces charges of premeditated murder. Ken Lopez and 16-year-old Al-Wajh have been accused of burglary.

All three are under arrest.

Teenagers allegedly kicked the door to Villalone’s house in Baytown at 1:45 am, demanding money from her two teenage sons, and then shot Vialon in front of her husband and children, according to Lt. Steve Doris of the Baytown Police Department.

“They entered the house and terrified them,” he says.

Doris says the motive was the robbery.

“One of the reasons they go home is that they know people and don’t think there will be any resistance from them,” he says.

Police claim that the same teenagers committed a burglary earlier that day at another home in the same neighborhood. Police also claim that they attempted to invade another house after Fyallon was killed and shot the owner of the house, but his injuries are not life threatening.

“They are 16 and 17 years old, and they are involved in robberies and murders,” Doris says. “That’s the scary part and the worrying part.” “Where do you go wrong in society when you have teenage kids doing things like that?”

Doris says the teens have not been charged in connection with these incidents.

Doris says the teens were wearing masks, but one of Villalon’s sons recognized one of their voices and told the police.

“He was able to give us a name,” he says.

Doris said police also suspect at least two other men, ages 19 and 16, have been involved, but no charges have yet been brought.

It was not immediately clear if any of the suspects petitioned or appointed a lawyer.

Philalon was the loving mother of 11 children, according to several outlets.

“My mom is the backbone of this family. She did everything for us. My mom was everyone’s mother,” said Villalon’s son, Sol Delion.

He said I’ll just miss her. Everything seems to be going well. She just started a new job that she really wanted.


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