Florida woman arrested in fatal shooting of Burger King Employee due to driving delay


Pensacola, Fl

Police said a woman in Florida was arrested in connection with the death of a junior employee at a Burger King, days after her husband was also kidnapped for shooting the worker in the restaurant’s parking lot after a fight over driving delays.

Ashley Mason, 31, was charged on Wednesday in connection with the death of Desmond Joshua, who recently started working at a Burger King in Orlando.

The shooting came after an altercation between Burger King manager, Joshua and a woman, whom police officials later identified as Mason. Police said Mason was angry at the long wait time at a fast food restaurant, ordering $ 33.11 in food.

He received her money and ordered her to leave, but not before she “threatened her to bring her” man “to the restaurant,” as stated in the written statement.

According to the police document, subsequent video footage showed that Mason left the Burger King parking lot and returned shortly thereafter with her husband, Calvis Rodriguez Tormis.

Rodriguez Tormes is alleged to have “called for a fight” with Joshua and the couple moved to the parking lot, where “he put [Joshua] in trouble and began to strangle him,” according to the affidavit.

While the men were fighting, Rodriguez Tormes allegedly said, “Hold him if he touches me,” according to a mobile phone video description of the document. Witnesses broke up the fight.

Rodriguez then boarded his truck, and at that time, he told police, he saw the younger man “jump over his wife’s black Honda Accord and walk toward his driver’s closed door, whose window is still open,” according to the affidavit.

He opened his window and said: “You have two seconds before I shoot you,” he said in the written statement.

Moments later, he shot Joshua once in the chest and went away. The 22-year-old was taken to a local hospital, but was not saved.

According to the affidavit, witnesses told investigators that they also saw Mason take her husband’s gun and point it to the restaurant staff before handing him over to Rodriguez Tormes.

When she got into her car, she was said to have tried to hit Joshua.

Police said Rodriguez Tormes, 37, was arrested on August 2 and charged with first-degree murder, destroying evidence and possession of a firearm by criminals.

Mason was charged with first degree homicide and aggravated assault with a firearm.


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