Woman’s boyfriend accused of fatal shooting in Kansas City


Pensacola, Fl

Prosecutors said in court records that a man in Kansas was tracking him and he shot his girlfriend dead in her friend’s house.

The Kansas City Star newspaper reported that DiCarlos Carrel, 27, was charged with second degree murder and other charges of shooting at 25-year-old Brianna Johnson.

Police said three people who were with Johnson at the house told investigators that Karel showed up at the house around 4 am with a handgun and screaming for Johnson. The investigators said that when he moved away from the house, he fired a bullet, shattering a window and hitting Johnson, killing her. Police said he fired six shells at Johnson’s car.

A video clip obtained from a neighbor showed a man ringing his doorbell, identifying himself as “Carlos” and saying that he was looking for “Brianna,” according to court documents. The police said that a witness also named Carel out of the squad as the man who came to the door.


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