The family killed by the officer gets the autopsy report


Pensacola, Fl

An autopsy report of a black man, who was shot by a police officer in Indianapolis, was released to the man’s family, three months after his death and after repeated requests from his relatives to release the report.

Marion County Coroner’s office released the autopsy report for the Dorson Red family at the same time that the family scheduled a press conference outside the pathologist’s office to call again for the report to be issued to them.

Reid’s mother, Dimitri Wayne, told reporters that she and her attorneys would not publish the death report of her 21-year-old son “until we read it and review it well.” Reid broadcast the events that surrounded the shooting directly on Facebook, leading to protests.

“The things you may have heard in the news from anyone, just know that the fabrication is real. She said outside the pathologist ‘s office” All that someone has told you … is a complete lie. “

Lawyer Fatima Johnson described the timing of the report’s release as a reaction to the family’s push for more information about Reid’s death. She said Wayne is a nurse who has trained in medical terminology and became “remarkably upset” when she looked at the report’s findings.

The Special Prosecutor investigating the deadly shooting, Madison County District Attorney Rosemary Khoury, said in a statement on Wednesday that the Marion County Court had authorized the coroner’s office to publish the autopsy report of the Reed family.

“The investigation (of Reed’s death) is continuing,” Khoury said, and her office expects the family to keep certain information in the report confidential.

She added that “the state submitted a petition to the court to allow the investigation to be completed before the publication of the report so that a full and complete investigation can be conducted.”

Wayne‘s attorneys filed a federal lawsuit for an unlawful death over Reed’s death in June against the Indianapolis city and police department and four officers, including the one who shot deadly.

The lawsuit alleges that the Indianapolis City Police Department failed to adequately train, screen, and supervise the officers to prevent them from engaging in excessive or lethal force, including Digor Mercer, the black police officer who shot Reed and was killed during a chase after a vehicle chase.

Indianapolis police said they began chasing Reed after officers, including Commander Randall Taylor, saw someone recklessly driving on Interstate 65. Supervisors ordered an end to the chase because the car was traveling about 90 miles per hour (145 km / hour), according to The police mentioned.

Later, an officer spotted the car on a city street and chased Reid on foot before police said Reid and the officer exchanged fire. Assistant President Chris Bailey said a pistol found near Reed had apparently been fired at least twice.

Reid’s mother, other relatives, and family attorneys insisted that the young man did not exchange fire with the officer who shot him. They have said that they do not trust the police station and believe that it is trying to hide the information.

Days of protests came after the murder of Reed, which came hours before Indianapolis police officers shot another black man, McHale Rose, 19, and an officer beat a pregnant white woman in his car.


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