Five killed in a home fire in Denver, and the arson investigation is underway


Pensacola, Fl

Five people, including a child and a child, were killed in a suspicious fire at a house in Denver.

The Denver Fire Department said an investigation was underway into the arson.

“We have indications through some evidence that it was a fire,” said Joe Montoya, chief of investigations at the Denver Police Department, declining to explain the investigators’ findings.

The identity of the dead was not revealed, but a neighbor told KDVR that the victims were the husband, his wife, and their two children, as well as the husband’s sister.

Three others jumped from the second floor of the house and survived, but the authorities did not disclose their terms.

DFD was called around 2:30 am when they arrived, the house was on fire.

The roof of the house collapsed and there was significant damage to the side of the house. Also, two nearby houses were damaged.

Abu Gabriel, a relative of the victims, told the Denver Post newspaper that the family had migrated to Denver from Senegal in the past two years.

More than 40 people, many of them refugees from Senegal, came to the site to mourn.

“This is a devastating time for Denver, for this community, and our hearts and prayers for this community,” said Captain Greg Buxley of the Denver Fire Department. “We really want people to understand that we feel them now.


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