West Florida Hospital and One Blood are collaborating on a plasma campaign to treat COVID patients


Pensacola, Fl

Doctors say there is a lack of convalescence plasma that is used to treat COVID-19 patients.

They are asking for your help now.

West Florida Hospital and One Blood teamed up to host the region’s first recovery plasma campaign.

Dr. Fausto Devecci Plasma donated at the event held outside the hospital.

Last month, he had a mild case of coronavirus, and knows how important plasma is to those who are still fighting the virus.

“It can make a big difference with patients,” said Deveche.

However, it is true how there is a deficiency in this plasma in northwest Florida.

Dr. Manaf Siamwala is a critical pulmonary care physician who treated COVID patients throughout the epidemic.

Siamwala said: “It feels great to see a patient alive, but you know it’s really sad when we see a patient who doesn’t get plasma and may die and we know that plasma can help them.”

Doctors also hope to treat patients with this plasma early, before their condition becomes critical.

They believe this will reduce the number of severe or deadly cases of the virus.

“Saving one person’s life is very frustrating, tiring, and very stressful. When you have so many patients in the ventilation shaft, when you have to put each patient on their stomach at one in the afternoon and then rotate it again at five in the morning, it takes It is a lot said, “Siamwala.

However, in order to do this they are stressed, they need more donations.

If you recover from the virus, Devicci said, you need plasma.

“Because you never know when there is a need, and there is always a delay between getting a donor and getting a plasma. If you are proactive, you can provide plasma immediately,” said Deveche.

One blood said that it takes about an hour to donate plasma and that appointments are required.

All blood types are required.


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