Teen mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry welcomes her fourth child


Pensacola, Fl

The Kailyn Lowry family is expanding again!

Teen Mom 2, 28, starred her fourth child. The baby was born weighing 8 pounds, 15 ounces. 22.5 inches long,

Ibn Najm Al-Haqiqa arrived at 2:47 pm at home, the outlet also exits.

Kailyn Lowry said “I can check birth during a pandemic from my buckets list now.

The little boy joins the older brothers Isaac Elliot, 10, Lincoln Marshall, 6, and Lucas Russell, 2. (Laurie Isaac shares with ex-Joe Rivera; Lincoln with ex-Javi Marroquin, and Lux ​​with ex-Chris Lopez. Lopez is also her new group The Father of Joy. )

Lori first announced her pregnancy in February, sharing a photo of her with ultrasound while she was surrounded by her three older children.

The baby was born weighing 8 pounds, 15 ounces. And 22.5 inches long, according to E! Online. Ibn Najm Al-Haqiqa arrived at 2:47 pm at home, the outlet also exits.

“We confirm the news, Child # 4 soon!” Comment on the post. “I have been pregnant for about 16 weeks, and almost difficult months have passed this time. I have nausea, morning sickness, and no energy at all. ? This week I started feeling a little better and I really hope it remains so !?”

Later that month, Lori opened up about her mental state in pregnancy, and wrote on Instagram, “It was very different this time – it’s strange to know the gender of this child and try to establish a name so that it does not become a name like Lux did? + My anxiety from the ceiling “.

She admitted at the time, “I’m afraid to do anything wrong.”

In July, Laurie said her pregnancy was considered “very dangerous”, explained on her “Confuco Coffee” podcast with co-host Lindsay Crisley that the news made her reevaluate her birth plan options.

She said, “I know I have anemia, and I know I have been anemic for years.” “But [the doctor] was telling me how he wanted to make sure I was taking my iron. So I said, ‘Yes,’ and he told me that in every pregnancy you lose more blood – which is new to me. Tell me that. I don’t know why I’m learning this now.

“With every delivery, you lose more blood.” “Why is this the first time I’ve heard this, with Baby Number Four in over 37 weeks? Why am I hearing this now for the first time? You disappointed me.”

“I have a” high-risk doctor “or whatever. The only reason I am very dangerous at this point is my weight, and everything seems to be OK.” I really love it. “He is very open and understands why I want to give birth at home … and understands why I don’t want to be induced and all these things. So I will just be assured with him.


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