Police said New York City’s shootings this year, which exceeded 777, exceeded 2019 numbers


Pensacola, Fl

Police confirmed to Fox News on Sunday that shootings in New York City so far in 2020 exceeded the number of shootings throughout 2019.

This achievement was accomplished on Saturday evening after a 24-year-old Bronx man entered the Lincoln Hospital with gunshot wounds, which pushed the number of shootings in New York City to 777.

There were 776 total shootings throughout 2019, according to data compiled by the New York Post, which first reported numbers.

A police spokesman told Fox News without further details that, since Saturday evening, there had been more shootings.

The increase in violence was reported to have affected every neighborhood, with at least 942 people – either dead or wounded – responsible for the victims.

A victim on Saturday night told the police that he was near the Mitchell Homes project at Haven Death on 135th Street and Alexander Street when he was caught between an exchange of fire.

Mario Martínez, a neighbor who has lived in the area for more than half a century, told the Post that he had “not seen her so bad before.

“There are more guns. I tell you when I grew up here the worst weapon was the knife,” said Martinez. “Chains and bats. This is when I grew up. Then came the next generation. Guns.”

But with five months to go until the end of the year, many are still pessimistic about the improvement in the situation.

“It is getting worse from here,” Joseph Giakalon, a retired New York police sergeant and professor of criminal justice at John Jay College, told The Post.

“As the shooting continues, revenge will take revenge as well. It is a vicious cycle that the New York Police Department has worked hard to ease, but is no longer able and in some cases willing to do so.”

City mayor Bill de Palacio and police officials have given explanations against the rising violence, including the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, court closures, and a general increase in anti-police sentiments.

Last month, the tragic shooting of a one-year-old, David Gardner, who was shot in the stomach while cooking the family, led to calls to return the New York Police crime-fighting unit.

New York police closed the unit in mid-June amid nationwide protests sparked by the death of George Floyd, with nearly 600 civilian-dressed officers being reassigned to other divisions.

Commissioner Dermot Shea said that the Crime Prevention Unit is no longer appropriate in an administration that has turned to rely more on intelligence, data and tools such as video, DNA, and detection technology to combat crime.

“Don’t go wrong,” said Chia. “This is a seismic shift in the culture of how the New York Police manages this great city.” “It will be felt immediately in the societies we protect.”


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