A man who killed two sons, bathed himself in a planned explosion – and the jury rules failed children


Pensacola, Fl

The grandparents of the Washington boy who were killed by their father in a deliberate explosion in 2012 secured $ 98 million from the state in an unlawful death.

A jury in Pierce County ruled that the state’s Department of Social and Health Services was neglected because of its failure to protect the two boys, Charlie Powell, 7, and his younger brother Braden Powell, 5, during a supervised visit with their father, Josh Powell. , Ports including KOMO 4, King 5 and Tacoma News Tribune report.

During that visit, when the caseworker came to Josh’s house to drop the boys, he left the boys inside before hitting the door of the caseworker and attacking his boys with a fist, pouring gasoline on them and then killing them himself in an explosion, I mentioned people previously.

As a result of the jury’s decision, the state ordered that the grandparents of the children, Charles and Judy Cox, be paid $ 98 million, according to the Outlets Report.

“Nothing can bring back the boys, but this is the end of a nightmare, and it is heartening to hear a jury informing the state that they were wrong, and to issue a ruling forcing them to change the culture in the DHS to make sure of that Charles said, King5 does not happen to other children in the future.” .

Grandparents filed a lawsuit of manslaughter in 2012, saying neglect of the country contributed to the deaths of the boys, according to the Como News Agency.

At the time of their death in January 2012, Charlie and Bradin Powell were being held by their grandparents.

Their mother, Susan Cox Powell, disappeared on December 6, 2009 during a camping trip with her husband and young children.

After her disappearance, the boy’s grandfather, Charles Powell, said he learned from law enforcement officials that Charlie painted a picture of a family minibus to a teacher and said: “My mom is in the box. We went to camping. My mom and dad came out, and my mom never came back,” people reported. Time.

But with no evidence to accuse Josh, he was considered a person of only interest by the police, people previously reported.

In September 2011, Josh lost custody of the boys after his arrest for voyeur and child pornography.

On the day the boys died, they were scheduled to make a controlled visit with their father, and they were picked up at their grandparents’ house by a social worker.

When they got to their father’s house, they got inside before Josh pushed the social worker away and closed the front door.

Moments later, an explosion shook the house, then it caught fire.

As the firefighters arrive, Josh and the boys die.

Officials said at the time before the boys arrived at his home, Josh sent an email to his lawyer saying, “I’m sorry, bye.”

The authorities said that he gave the children clothes and toys to good intentions.

He sent his cousins ​​and priest’s instructions on what to do with his money.

A spokesperson for the Department for Children, Youth and Families, who had been cut off from the DSHS nearly two years ago, said the agency’s next moves were still in the air.

“After the tragic 2012 suicide killing of Josh Powell and his two sons, Charlie and Braden, DCYF plans to review the jury’s decision and determine the next steps,” the client said in a written statement.


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