A man shot and killed the funeral of an 8-year-old son


Pensacola, Fl

Police arrested a suspect accused of shooting a man in the parking lot in a funeral in eastern Iowa, where he was attending the funeral of his 8-year-old son, who died of cancer.

Jeremy Shorter, 26, of Davenport, was shot and killed Saturday morning outside the funeral home of Weertes in Davenport and later died, the Quad City Times reported.

It was shorter there to attend the funeral of Jermier Leon Shorter, from St. Clair. Paul, Minnesota.

The potential motive for the shooting was not immediately known.

Police later arrested Noamony Tri Fonye Lester, 24, of Davenport, who appeared in court on Sunday for first-degree murder, evading weapons and weapons charges.

He is held with a 300,000 dollar cash bond.


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