Two were arrested after police shot during the I-10 hunt


Pensacola, Fl

Biloxi police arrested a man and a woman in Florida after chasing an I-10 that included shooting at stalking officers. Fortunately, it ended without injuries.

Before 11pm, the officers were called in to investigate a stolen car near sign 44 on Highway 10. When the officers tried to make a traffic stop, the suspects took off and a hunt followed.

During the chase, Biloxi investigators said that someone inside the stolen vehicle shot the officers. The police followed the car across the state line to Alabama where the couple jumped and ran. Soon they were arrested and detained.

The police identified the two persons in the car as Willie George Bird, 23, and Ashley Lynn Howard, 20. Both are from Pensacola, Florida.

Bird, who is already a runaway wanted by Florida, is charged with possession of stolen property, a felony of chaos, and a severe assault on a law enforcement officer.

Hurd was charged with possession of stolen property and aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer.

Both are held in the adult detention center in Harrison County. Baird is held on 400,000 dollars worth of bonds. Howard’s bonds are set at $ 350,000.


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