Hundreds of firefighters are fighting a massive fire east of Los Angeles


Pensacola, fl

1,200 firefighters in California are fighting a fire that threatens a large population on the outskirts of San Bernardino, about 100 km east of Los Angeles.

The Apple Fire, which erupted over more than 6 thousand hectares, came in Cherry Valley, southern California.

Smoke was evident from kilometers in the area, which prompted the Air Quality Monitoring Administration to issue a warning Saturday evening.

This resulted in the displacement of some 2,600 homes and the evacuation of 7,800 residents.

The number of firefighters in the region exceeded 1,200 today, supported by helicopters and trucks, but they could not contain more than 12% of the fire.

No casualties have been recorded so far, and the damage was limited to materialism.

The northern and southern sides of the fire are located on the steep slopes of mountains, which are difficult for trucks and firefighters to reach, according to the authorities.


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