Corona reunites two sisters after 50 years


Pensacola, fl

Two sisters in Nebraska were reunited thanks to the emerging epidemic of the Coruna virus, after a 50-year hiatus.

Doris Krebin, 73, got sick in May and her body was so weak because of the disease that the woman lost consciousness and fell to break her arm.

Doctors diagnosed her with the coronavirus, and hospitalized her for 30 days.

After her exit, she went to the Fremont Rehabilitation Center to be examined, only to discover that her 53-year-old sister, Bev Porro, had been working there for more than twenty years.

Beef said that once she saw her sister’s name on the lists, she immediately guessed she was her missing sister.

“I couldn’t believe it … Oh my God, I think this is my sister.”

“It was a blessing from the Lord that they sent me here, because if it were not for this I would not have found it.”

She indicated that, in vain, she had tried to find her sister for many years, but had been unable to obtain reliable information about her from any organization.


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