New Clean Eatz Health Restaurant opens in Pensacola


Pensacola, Fl

Amid the corona virus pandemic, many companies have only closed their doors since it reopened. Some managed, but what is not uncommon during this time is starting a business.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and juices are on the top of the list at Clean Eatz Pensacola. The new site opened its doors at 800 N Navy Blvd

The owner, Sam Poppel, is confident that he will distinguish his place from the nearby fast food restaurants. Dealing with established brands and opening up during the pandemic has not dampened his optimism.

“We found this old Arby restaurant and it was in the middle of all fast food restaurants, so I thought” this is where everyone is going for lunch “so I found out that we’d be the healthiest choice,” Poppel said. “We know that people need healthy food, and we are in this long term. We really want to be part of the Pensacola community.”

The risk is great in an industry hard hit by the restrictions of coronary contracting, but Clean Eatz is more than just a business. It is a passion for Popell who drives his own experience with healthy eating.

“At one point I was very heavy, I weighed 434 pounds and lost 170 clean foods,” Bubbel shared.

Bubbel Clin bought Itz in Shalimar which they attribute to weight loss.

After opening the new Pensacola site , it plans to expand further across Florida.


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