Maryland pregnant woman killed in shooting, her child remains in critical condition


Pensacola, Florida

A pregnant woman in Maryland was shot dead. According to the police, the doctors delivered her baby prematurely, who was still in critical condition.

Howard County Police Department response at 11 pm. Report of several shots fired at a residence in Colombia, according to a police report. Upon entering the residence, the police discovered several bullets fired from the house.

One round hit Rabia Ahmed, who was pregnant in the 28th week.

Ahmed, 30, was transferred to the University of Maryland’s Trauma Shock Center, where she later died of her injuries.

No one was hurt in the shooting.

According to the police report, investigators are continuing to investigate the circumstances of the shooting. Since many unrelated people live in the residence in question, investigators work to determine if someone else was targeted.

Kadim Bailey, Ahmed’s friend, Riad, said it was a “wonderful spirit” and confirmed that she was present the night of the shooting.

One of Abyatat’s neighbors told the port that the area is a “quiet neighborhood” where “young children usually play on the street.”

Police offer a reward of up to $ 5,000 to anyone with additional information about the case. The authorities also ask the residents of the area to check the doorbell or security cameras for any activity at around 11 pm.


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