Fifteen-year-old bite of a shark on Orange Beach


Pensacola, Fl

 A 15-year-old was taken to hospital for treatment after being bitten by a shark in Orange Beach.

The accident occurred in the second sand bar behind the rental of the fourth Phoenix vacation.

According to Orange Beach Police Chief Robert Howard, the 911 call came at about 1:19 pm. The teenager was swimming with his father when his father said that he noticed “a large amount of small fish swimming around while they were leaving” and his son was in pain. The teenager’s injuries were mild abrasion and a few small cuts.

The assistant manager adds that he did not see the father or son a shark or any big fish near them when the accident occurred.

The victim was taken to a local hospital by his family and is safe after receiving stitches, according to the authorities.

Orange Beach Safety Head Brett Lessinger confirms that it is a shark bite.

Lessinger says shark bites are rare in the area, and this is the third time someone has had a shark in Orange Beach in the past.


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