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A San Francisco officer stabbed him in the face, and burned 2 others

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Authorities said a San Francisco police sergeant was stabbed in the face during his arrest and two other officers were wounded in a separate accident as they were dispersed in a fight.

Police in San Francisco said that the police responded to reports of a stabbing in the Hay-Ashbury neighborhood that pursued a suspect on foot when he produced a sharp metal object and stabbed a sergeant in the face.

Two other officers arrested the suspect, Mike Anderson, 40, from San Francisco, after a conflict. The sergeant was taken to the hospital, where he received eight stitches to his face,

Last Friday, a separate incident involving two families in a conflict ended with the spraying of an unknown chemical and the dumping of an unknown liquid, according to the police. Two of the officers who tried to break up the fighting were injured by the liquid chemical and spraying, and suffered minor burns and temporary loss of vision.

Police said Regina Cole, 29, and Trisha Blake, 23, from San Francisco, were arrested and detained in prison on suspicion of assaulting caustic chemicals.

“The recent attacks on San Francisco police officers over the weekend are unacceptable, and they deserve the most aggressive response in our city,” police Chief Bill Scott said in a statement.

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What in the hell is wrong with people, this is mindless and deplorable, what in the world would make someone want to inflict this kind of horror on innocent people! !

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