Three students at the Elyria City School are among the five killed in the suicide bombing


Pensacola, Fl

Three children, ages 6 to 12, were killed in an apparent murder and suicide in Illyria.

They are among five found dead in a house at 537 Willow Park Rd. .

Illyria City schools say the three children are siblings and they are all students in their area.

“This devastating news has shocked our staff and the school community,” the district said in a statement.

Illyria police responded to the house for a wellness examination.

They say that five family members were found dead in the house.

They did not reveal the cause of death or determine the identity of the family.

The Criminal Investigation Office and the Lorraine County Coroner help the Illyria police.

“With great sadness, we share this tragic news,” Alteria Mayor Frank Whitfield said in a statement. “It was a difficult year – at the very least. We never imagined that the news we lost from a Illyria family would be shared this way.

“Ilyria mourns her family and friends who have woken up to such tragic news. My heart is broken for this family, especially children. I cannot imagine the pain that those close to them should feel and we send our deep condolences and we are here to support them and any of our residents who need our help.”

A team of trauma and crisis counselors and social workers will be available to students, parents and staff who need support.


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